Electrical Engineering

Electrical EngineeringInvestigations, feasibility studies, design, specifications, tendering and project management for electrical installations including:

  • Building services (light & power, switchboard & circuit layouts)
  • Site maximum demand recording, analysis & calculations
  • Transformer upgrades (11kV to 400V)
  • Electrical Engineering (11kV and 400V)
  • Power distribution systems
  • Subdivision reticulation design (11kV and 400V)
  • Commercial & Industrial reticulation design (11kV and 400V)
  • School power distribution networks
  • Switchboards and Motor Control Centres (MCCs)
  • Co-ordination of lighting design
  • Condition assessments & reports
  • Optimised design to achieve reduced energy consumption


Power Factor:

  • Power Factor surveys & investigations
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Automatic Power Factor correction system sizing & design

thermalImageThermal Imaging:

  • Thermal photos and reports of electrical equipment
  • Condition assessment surveys
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Used to identify hot spots, overloading, bad connections and potential fire risks
  • Thermal camera resolution to insurance companies requirements

Emergency & Backup Power:

  • Diesel standby generator feasibility study
  • Electrical design & budget costing
  • Specifications, tender documents and project management
  • Grid connected or island connected

Alternative Energy:

  • Solar Energy (Photo Voltaic) feasibility
  • Electrical design & budget costing
  • Solar Energy (hot water) feasibility for swimming pool heating

Power Line Safety Distance:

  • Building to Power Line engineering surveys & reports using COLDNet Profile power line design software calculating conductor movement
  • Preparation of work procedures to ensure safety and compliance for personnel working near lines to ensure compliance with NZECP 34 (New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice 34:2001)

Electrical Contract Supervision:

  • Liaison with Architects & Project Managers
  • Assistance with tendering and tender evaluation and reports
  • Checking standard of work & compliance with the electricity regulations and specification and drawings
  • Monitoring and processing of the contractors cost & claims
  • Receiving and responding to contractors queries during the contract period


  • Feasibility studies of all energy and energy replacing technologies
  • Electrical accident, incident and fire investigations for insurance purposes by licenced private investigator
  • Thermal Imaging of electrical equipment for condition assessment and preventative maintenance

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